Treality3D is a social network and 3D Viewer tool primarily used for the purpose of sharing 3D content in interactive ways with your customers, employees, followers, students, or friends and family.  

Virtual Tours

3D Visualization

Virtual Tours

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Benefits of Virtual Tours

Sell with Virtual Tours 

Show clients every corner of your venue, from stunning landmarks, different light settings, to accessible features, before they book. 

Accessibility Made Easy 

Empower potential guests with disabilities to confidently navigate your space using interactive features and detailed audio descriptions. 

Fine Tuning 

Explore different configurations for different events, set the rules, and access vital information through seamlessly integrated links. 


Treality3D comes equipped with the ability to work with different files whether you are working with an engineering file such as STEP, obj, and stl. Or more general files like glb, and gltf our viewer can easily show your file over the web.  

Engineering Viewer (Isometric Lines)

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3D General Viewer (Solid)

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Benefits of Treality3D

Easily embed your work on other websites (No Watermarks)

Treality polls makes it easy to cater content to your followers 

Create Organized project portfolio

Share Treality Post's on other social medias with ease 

Change lightning parameters in the viewer

Host and share Virtual Tours easily 

Communicate in real time over 3d posts 

Routes for accommodations

Add landmarks to your works for important information and details 

Landmarks for accommodations