Cohesive Manufacturing specializes in creating systems to meet your unique requirements. Our expertise in mobility, visualization, optimization, event-based systems, and cloud platform development ensure seamless deployment across web and mobile networks.

Our project portfolio includes successful initiatives, in developing route planning and availability applications for micro-mobility systems and last-mile order delivery solutions for efficient urban delivery. With our real-time data acquisition and distribution, high-performance computing access, and algorithm development, we guarantee maximum efficiency for your business.

Community Cycling

Empowering Citizens with Bike Loan Apps and Smart Route Planning

Cohesive Manufacturing was commissioned by the metropolitan area of the city of Medellin (amva) to develop a mobile app enabling citizens to borrow bikes from the city's public bike system program, Encicla, all digital. Already embraced by over 3000 daily users, the application utilizes pioneering graph algorithms to compute optimal routes along the city's bike paths. 

A unique predictive component allows users to forecast the availability of bikes for future trips. The app also provides a user-friendly dashboard, allowing users to generate failure reports and access usage statistics.

Experience the future of urban mobility and green cities by partnering with Cohesive manufacturing!


Transportation and supply Chain logistics

Cohesive Manufacturing collaborated with RutaN and LOLA TE MUEVE SAS in the Green Last Mile project, funded by the P4G partnership. This initiative aims to provide an eco-friendly solution by replacing trucks with electric bikes for delivering merchandise to congested urban centers in undeveloped countries. Our involvement led to the formulation and integration of optimization algorithms into a software application, digitizing the entire operation while considering local contextual circumstances and minimizing the overall supply chain.

LOLA TE MUEVE, currently utilizes the software app to determine new warehouse locations, choose which warehouses to use, decide the number of bikes to substitute for trucks, and execute optimal routes.


Fleet Management and Optimal Balancing plans

We worked as contractors in the metro area of the city of Medellín (amva), Colombia, to co-develop a new information system infrastructure for their public bike system. Leveraging state-of-the-art web technology and software architecture practices, Cohesive Manufacturing developed crucial components of the Encicla ecosystem in record time. These components enable users to perform automatic bike loans and returns at kiosks. They also empower field operators to monitor the system's behavior and utilize supercomputing capabilities to create optimal plans, minimizing kilometers traveled by balancing trucks and allocating bikes efficiently to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Efficient Journeys

Smart Commuting Solutions

It is the era of big data, and urban centers face the challenge of understanding their mobility patterns to formulate improved transportation policies. Cohesive Manufacturing collaborated with the metro area of the city of Medellín (AMVA), Colombia, to develop a digital application aimed at comprehending the key patterns of Medellin's predominant workforce.

Our GPS-based algorithms proficiently label trip origins and destinations, identify transportation modes, and determine peak hours of mobility. Additionally, the app facilitates carpooling with scheduled trips, encouraging coworkers in your residential area to share drives—a concept that can extend to companies in the program. To incentivize active mobility, the app employs gamification tactics.