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Cohesive Manufacturing is a technical company comprised of passionate engineers looking to harness 3D technology, mathematical modeling, combinatorial optimization, and AI algorithms to tackle some of the most challenging problems of today's society with technology impacting the areas of  manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship.

Cohesive Manufacturing specializes in creating systems to meet your unique requirements. Our expertise in mobility, visualization, optimization, event-based systems, and cloud platform development ensure seamless deployment across web and mobile networks.

Our project portfolio includes successful initiatives, in developing route planning and availability applications for micro-mobility systems and last-mile order delivery solutions for efficient urban delivery. With our real-time data acquisition and distribution, high-performance computing access, and algorithm development, we guarantee maximum efficiency for your business.

Modern healthcare demands the best technology to streamline and improve medical capabilities for diagnostics, prognostics, and surgery. Cohesive Manufacturing has forged alliances with companies at the forefront of the medical field to develop customizable solutions to address these challenges. From the development of comprehensive and user-friendly tools to plan upcoming surgical procedures through detailed 3D scans, and facilitate crucial discussions between patients and doctors, to the creation of artificial intelligence software for early breast cancer detection, our medical solutions are rigorously and continuously tested by industry leaders like Techfit (USA) and Julieta (COL). Ready to take medical software to the next level? Contact us today to learn more.

We are passionate about 3D, and as a result, we are on a mission to build the next generation of 3D websites where anyone can interact with products, share places and experience spaces. At Cohesive Manufacturing, we have ventured into constructing virtual tours/experiences featuring interactive landmarks, audio notes, accommodation routes, and various room configurations, utilizing any 360-degree camera or CAD modeling software. Our secure 3D viewer and social platform enable you to seamlessly embed and share tours allowing you to create connections with your community. Immerse your space, captivate your audience, and join our community of virtual tours by Treality3D.

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