Modern healthcare demands the best technology to streamline and improve medical capabilities for diagnostics, prognostics, and surgery. Cohesive Manufacturing has forged alliances with companies at the forefront of the medical field to develop customizable solutions to address these challenges. From the development of comprehensive and user-friendly tools to plan upcoming surgical procedures through detailed 3D scans, and facilitate crucial discussions between patients and doctors, to the creation of artificial intelligence software for early breast cancer detection, our medical solutions are rigorously and continuously tested by industry leaders like Techfit (USA) and Julieta (COL). Ready to take medical software to the next level? Contact us today to learn more.

Advanced 3D technology for

Healthtech and Manufacturing 

Cohesive's fruitful alliance with Techfit-ds has reached a pivotal milestone with the FDA approval of our technology this year. This endorsement underscores the safety and effectiveness of our innovative approach to surgical planning and communication. Our technology provides doctors with comprehensive and user-friendly tools to plan upcoming surgical procedures through detailed 3D scans and facilitates crucial discussions between patients and doctors. Furthermore, the capability for doctors and engineers to fine-tune parameters on 3D scans of bone and tissue allows for the creation of patient-specific craniomaxillofacial or orthopedic implants, ensuring tailored outcomes that align with each patient's unique needs.

AI algorithms for 

Medical signal processing

Breast cancer stands as a major global health threat, claiming lives around the world. The timely identification of this condition traditionally relies on intricate and often inaccessible medical tools, such as X-ray mammography, resulting in expensive tests that many cannot afford. However, breakthroughs in technology, specifically the power of algorithms and widespread electronics, now offer a more accessible path.

In a collaborative venture, Julieta has joined forces with Cohesive Manufacturing to develop cutting-edge software driven by artificial intelligence algorithms tailored for swift and precise breast cancer detection. This innovative solution aims to provide quick and timely diagnostics for breast cancer, particularly for those who need it most.